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Velsicol Chemical LLC announces the introduction of Pyrovex® SG

The key flame retardant derived from Hexachlorocyclopentadiene (CAS# 13560-89-9) is now available from Velsicol Chemical, LLC.
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Velsicol Chemical LLC announces equity joint venture with ECOD Specialties in China

Velsicol Chemical LLC, a leading specialty chemical producer and marketer, today announced that it has completed its equity joint venture investment with ECOD Specialties Co., Ltd. The joint venture will be located in Wuhan, China, and will manufacture and market environmentally…

Velsicol Chemical Launches Benzoic Acid Technical Grade in the Americas, Europe and Southeast Asia

Velsicol launches BENZOIC ACID TECHNICAL GRADE used in manufacture of many end products including alkyd resins. When used as a key ingredient in alkyd resins, it improves physical properties such as gloss, hardness and chemical resistance. Benzoic Acid Technical Grade…