Velsiflex® Plasticizers

Benzoic acid based, non-phthalate plasticizers with a wide application range


Velsiflex plasticizers are an environmentally friendly option for formulators looking for an alternative to commodity and specialty phthalate esters. Velsiflex is a non-phthalate plasticizer and uses benzoic acid as a key raw material. It is therefore a more environmentally-friendly product versus traditional commodity phthalates that have been linked to human health issues.

While Velsiflex is not a green plasticizer, it is derived from benzoic acid, which in its salt form, is used as a food preservative in jams, soft drinks, pickled foods and spreads. Velsicol continually looks for opportunities to expand its product line and part of its product line may extend into bio-based plasticizers.

Versatile, High-Solvating Plasticizers for Increased Performance

Velsiflex products are used in a number of applications, including adhesives, sealants, caulk, coatings and inks, plastisol and various flexible PVC uses. Plasticizers for polyurethanes are especially designed to have low moisture and a low hydroxyl number to enhance the consistency of the final polyurethane piece or coating. The end result yields higher quality and more reproducible final products. Velsicol prides itself in its strong participation in urethane plasticizer applications as they are highly demanding and precise in their tolerance requirements.

As a vinyl plasticizer, Velsiflex® has the solvating power that affords ample formulating latitude for optimized PVC formulations. Typical plastisol applications include calendering, flooring, or automotive plastisol sealants.

Velsiflex plasticizers are high performance plasticizers. They are polar and monomeric in nature. In most cases, they provide superior performance compared to other plasticizers as it relates to polymer compatibility, efficiency and desired softness. Overall permanence characteristics which account for these dibenzoate plasticizers to remain within the polymer matrix are also quite desirable. Velsiflex plasticizers are low-to-medium-viscosity fluid esters compatible with a wide range of polymeric systems.

Velsicol - World-Class Manufacturer of Dibenzoate Plasticizers

Velsicol is a world-renowned manufacturer of dibenzoate plasticizers and first introduced them in the 1950’s throughout the globe. Velsicol played a key role, as a dibenzoate supplier, in the conversion of phthalate plasticizers to non-phthalate plasticizers. Velsicol continues to focus on delivering excellent service, the highest quality products and product stewardship to assure the highest of customer satisfaction.

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Velsiflex 290 is a versatile benzoate plasticizer used in a wide array of sealant applications including acrylic, urethane and polysulfide. This benzoate plasticizer is compatible with PVC, PVA and polyurethane. In PVC Velsiflex 290 is low staining for plastisol ink and flooring applications, and performs well in polyurethane applications with improved elongation, tensile strength and hardness.


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Velsiflex 314 is the original benzoate plasticizer with excellent solvating properties for PVC Plastisols and flexible PVC applications. Velsiflex 314 is a fast fusing plasticizer that allows formulators to process at lower temperatures and offer lower volatility for today’s challenging markets.


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Velsiflex 318 is a low VOC benzoate plasticizer developed primarily for use in waterborne adhesives and latex caulks. Velsiflex 318 offers enhanced performance, efficiency and a broad list of food contact approvals. Additional applications include VOC reduction for coatings formulators.


floor example

Velsiflex 320 is a proprietary blend of benzoate esters resulting in a high-solvating plasticizer. It can be formulated for vinyl alone or in blends of plastisols as well as to melt compounded vinyl. It is a cost-effective and very economical plasticizer that is well suited for latex adhesives, vinyl flooring and plastisol markets.


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Velsiflex 328 is a blend of dipropylene glycol and diethylene glycol dibenzoate in an approximately equal ratio. Velsiflex 328 is primarily known for its exceptional performance in polyvinyl acetate adhesives. It displays excellent wet tack, set times and open time performance. It also improves adhesion to acrylic latex caulks and is a high-solvating PVC plastisol.


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Velsiflex 332 is a mixture of benzoate esters that perform as a high solvating plasticizer. With exceptional performance in PVC, Velsiflex 332 provides lower processing temperatures for various plastisol applications from flooring to sealants. In adhesives and caulks Velsiflex 332 provides excellent wet tack, set and open times, as well as improved adhesion properties.



Velsiflex 342 is one of the most popular liquid plasticizers. It is a high-solvating plasticizer containing mostly dipropylene glycol dibenzoate. It is used in a wide variety of applications, including caulk, adhesives, resilient flooring, PVC-coated fabrics and artificial-leather cloth. In PVC, it acts as a medium- viscosity high solvator that saves energy and improves process ability. Vinyl applications using Velsiflex 342 have excellent resistance to extraction from solvents and oils. It also works with vinyl to make it UV – light-degradation resistant and stain resistant.


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Velsiflex 342 S is a blend of dipropylene glycol dibenzoate and other benzoate esters. It is a lower moisture / lower hydroxyl plasticizer. It has been widely used in 2K polyurethane systems to reduce cure interface, which also provides better rebound, improved tear strength and reduced swell with solvents. It is also used in many polysulfide sealant applications and has proven to be a very efficient ester from a softening agent perspective.



The High Solvency, Time Proven, Non-Phthalate Class of Plasticizers.

Velsiflex benzoate esters are remarkable as primary plasticizers with outstanding efficiency and superior permanence. Because of the enhanced solvency inherent in the benzoate ester based products, Velsiflex products can impart a wide range of properties similar to butyl benzyl phthalate. But unlike BBP, Velsiflex benzoates carry none of the increasingly greater restrictions associated with phthalate plasticizers. In fact, Velsiflex benzoates are used as permanent replacements for volatile (VOC based) solvents and become part of the solution to the regulatory problem. Velsiflex offers superior solvency when compared to many dialkyl phthalates, and without the associated regulatory concerns.

Performance in adhesives

  • Industrial assembling and laminating adhesives from PVA, acrylic and their copolymers
  • Construction adhesives and mastics, especially for solving CARB/SCAQMD VOC requirements
  • Reactive and 100% solids chemistries

Consistency in sealants

  • Effective, efficient, permanent control of modulus, recovery and bondline stress
  • Minimizing need for VOC’s by enhanced viscosity reduction
  • Very low, uniform hydroxyl content, and activity as primary plasticizer for PVC gelation of 1KPU.

Versatility in caulks

  • Reducing Tg and controlling modulus for the coldest climates
  • Minimizing the need for VOC solvents for in-home and DIY
  • High solvency can provide a range of formulating benefits

Strength and advantages in polyurethanes

  • Very low, reproducible hydroxyl content
  • In rigid TPU’s, dramatic reductions in stress cracking can be achieved
  • In PU binders for elastic flooring, mats and tracks, Velsiflex can offer superior durability, recovery and low temperature flexibility

Velsiflex® in Sealants

High-performance sealants. Way ahead of their time.

The range of high-performance organic elastomeric sealants – polyurethanes, silane hybrids, polysulfide could not exist without highly solvating, higher permanence plasticizers. In particular, low – to medium-modulus construction sealants are critically dependent on the optimized choice of plasticizer. To a lesser extent, even the class known as “adhesive/sealants” rely on premium plasticizers for processability and application viscosity control.

Paradigm shift toward results

Plasticizers were first incorporated into high performance sealants to eliminate stress-causing shrinkage common in solvent-based sealants. High performance non-shrink sealants are almost universally based on liquid reactive polymers, but these still need some help with viscosity reduction and plant processing of the sealants. So high permanence plasticizers like Velsiflex 342 S became an integral part of the formulator’s inventory. VOC elimination was being done for performance reasons, not for regulation compliance.

Anticipating and responding to unmet needs

Today’s high performance plasticizers are multi-taskers in the new breeds of non-shrink elastomeric sealants. Velsiflex 342 S controls modulus and hardness, maximizes elongation and elastic recovery. In polyurethane sealants – the leading technology in organic sealants – Velsiflex 342 S can pul double duty by acting as primary plasticizer for PVC gel systems, which enable the most reliable unprimed adhesion to masonry. The ultra-low, highly reproducible hydroxyl content of Velsiflex 342 S makes it ideal for use in chemistries like urethane or silane hybrids.

What the future holds

As VOC regulations become more restrictive, solvent-based sealants continue to disappear and the need for non-shrink, high permanence-plasticized elastic sealants expands. This is even true in DIY, once the bastion of lower performance sealing and caulking compounds. At the same time, green building certification programs like LEED, and new regulatory requirements, make it imperative to continuously seek new and better non-phthalate solutions. Vesliflex 342 S is such a solution.

Velsiflex® in Waterborne Adhesives

Adhesive. Ingcina. Malagkit. Tenaces.

Adhesives span the globe in countless applications which are more varied than the spoken languages that refer to them.

Whatever you call an adhesive, there are certain universals. Adhesives are based on medium molecular weight polymers that can use some help in surface wetting, polymer coalescence, flexibility, Tg suppression, solvation, even adhesion. There’s an incredible number of adhesive formulas and applications in this world. But whatever the chemical type, physical form, fluid delivery system or service requirement, there is high probability that a Velsiflex® plasticizer can help achieve your product goals.

Translating solvency into performance

Plasticizers are judged first by their solvency – they are solvents that don’t evaporate. And Velsiflex is among the best nonvolatile solvents available to the formulator, bringing a host of benefits to product performance, especially in construction adhesives and mastics. In many cases, Velsiflex can replace volatile (VOC) solvents, helping you move to the next level of regulatory compliance or over the next sustainability hurdle.

Water. Amanzi. Tubig. Aqua.

The experienced formulator knows that water is the continuous matrix of choice for adhesives because it is benign and available, but it brings major compounding challenges. One of the first is the choice of coalescent to maximize the benefits of the polymer dispersion, and to achieve advantage in set time (↓), open time (↑), tack (↑), film formation temperature (↓), surface wetting (↑), Tg (↓), viscosity response (↑) and adhesive strength(↑↓). Velsiflex makes that first choice an easy one, whether your adhesive is aimed at assembly or laminating.

Language (and chemistry) are the property of the imagination

Many of the most innovative adhesives now available are 100% solids based on liquid reactive polymers. These systems depend heavily on compatibilization without use of volatile (VOC) solvents. Velsiflex provides the solvency, permanence and reliability of supplied quality that are so critical to these innovative technologies.

Velsiflex 320 and Velsiflex 328 are excellent choices for waterborne adhesives. Where a higher solvating characteristic is sought Velsiflex 342 is the recommended choice.

Velsiflex® Polyurethanes

Advantage – Polyurethane

Polyurethanes are everywhere in your life – the car you drive to work, the furniture you sit on at the office, the gym track you exercise on, the bed you sleep on. Polyurethanes are such a large part of your world because they are high performance materials and high performance materials need high performance modifiers to help them meet the demanding tasks and functions they are designed for. Velsiflex plasticizers bring advantages to polyurethanes by enhancing their functionality and by broadening the range of their applications.

Helping to keep your world dry and comfortable

Polyurethane sealants for industry and construction have an unrivaled reputation for flexibility, toughness, adhesion and compatibility. It is a well-deserved reputation because the urethane offers significant versatility. These urethane sealants need high permanence, and highly efficient plasticizers to optimize tensile modulus and adhesion. High-performance urethane sealants with minimal shrinkage could not exist without the aid of high performance plasticizers such as Velsiflex 342 S. Its chemical structure brings out the best attributes of the urethane sealant. And for urethane sealants that rely on “PVC gelation”, Velsiflex 342 S is a highly effective primary plasticizer.

Safe and defect-free

Many of the fastest-growing polyurethane markets are served by TPU’s (thermoplastic urethanes). TPU’s are engineering plastics, called on to provide very high levels of service in many applications; they provide the properties normally associated with highly crosslinked products but with the manufacturing convenience and cost of thermoplastics. We ask a lot from TPU’s and sometimes they can be stretched close to the limit of performance. Velsiflex 342 S, when incorporated even at low levels, can provide dramatic reduction in stress cracking of TPU’s.

Keeping you (and your kids) on your game

Polyurethanes are widely used as elastic binders in specialty flooring, especially in sports tracks and playground safety surfaces. They provide tremendous rebound in the surfaces, reducing fatigue for the weekend athlete and providing added safety for the toddler on the playground. Velsiflex 342 S enhances system compatibility, and delivers permanence in weathering and flexibility even at the coldest outdoor conditions.

Versatile, adaptable, but precision counts

Critical to understanding polyurethanes is recognition that the urethane reaction is a precise reaction, requiring an optimum balance of raw materials. In plasticizers, this means that hydroxyl content/hydroxyl number must be at a very low and reproducible level from one batch to another. With an established track record and precise manufacturing process, Velsiflex 342 S provides the confidence that the engineer or polymer scientist must have in the selection of raw materials.

Better bonding, cleaner air

Compounded polyurethane adhesives, especially for construction, require compatibilization of many formulating inputs. With its outstanding solvency and permanence, Velsiflex 342 S provides the best of two worlds – the ability to combine a range of raw materials with the durability of a premium plasticizer without the VOC solvents or phthalates you seek to formulate out of your product portfolio.

Velsiflex® in Caulks

is it a high performance elastic aqueous sealant system? or is it caulk?

Sometimes the two – sealant and caulk – can be hard to tell apart, especially in well-formulated latex products. Most agree that the difference is in the amount of shrinkage in curing, and the joint movement capability of the materials. Sealants are intended for joints that move as much as 25%, even up to 100% of their original dimensions. Caulks are sealants that have more limited movement capability, to about 10% of original dimensions. All caulks are sealants, not all sealants are caulks.

Do it yourself market (DIY)

Residential DIY “caulk” applications generally have lower joint movement requirements than commercial “sealant” jobs. In both cases, low temperature flexibility and appropriate tensile modulus are mandatory. Velsiflex plasticizers reduce modulus and Tg, and can provide the kind of service needed in the coldest climates. In some cases, the choice of Velsiflex plasticizer can allow for the use of lower-priced latex polymer while still providing necessary low temperature resistance. Because latex sealing products are frequently used indoors in occupied/residential areas, they often have special requirements that go beyond those of “sealants”:

Can I use it at home? Latex products are a natural for home, with their low odor and water clean-up.

But virtually all water-based products require some external coalescence, the transition from individual particles to a continuous, water-resistant film. Historically, this was achieved by addition of VOC solvents. Today, the high solvency of Velsiflex allows for the elimination of VOCs, their odor and the potential for VOC related health hazards in one step. Velsiflex dibenzoates are not VOC’s but they are very effective coalescents for all major categories of caulk polymers, providing performance in more sustainable formulations.

Will it work?

Velsiflex plasticizers have very good solvency for the organic polymers used in formulating so that compatibility of multi-polymer systems is assured. High solvency can actually reduce surface tack, dirt pick-up, and the growth of mold and mildew that can occur on a tacky or dirty surface. Exceptional solvency can also improve water resistance and adhesion, and reduce migration into adjoining surfaces.

I don’t do this for a living! How will it look?

DIY users are frequently intimidated by jobs they haven’t done before; caulking can be one of them, and the caulk has to help make the job easy! Velsiflex plasticizers provide a “creaminess” in the latex caulk that enhances appearance and makes tooling/finishing the caulk much easier. And DIYers, and professionals, who have a positive experience with your product will be back again.

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