PyroVex® Flame Retardants

PyroVex® Flame Retardants

Excellent Fire Retardant Additives from an experienced manufacturer

PyroVex® is Velsicol’s branded flame retardant product portfolio comprised of bromine, phosphorus and chlorine chemistries. These flame retardant additives provide the needed fire-safety performance for a wide range of applications. Some key applications include thermoplastic resins, polyurethane foams, coatings, textiles, electrical and electronics.

PyroVex® SG is an ideal product for use in the manufacture of flame retarded wire and cable. PyroVex SG has the ability of staying within the polymer matrix and therefore “blooming” is at a minimum. PyroVex SG is also an excellent flame retardant for electrical connectors used in computers and a myriad of other electronic devices. All of PyroVex® fire retardants can be used alone or can be formulated with complementary chemistries to yield the market’s performance requirements.

Velsicol - World-Renowned Fire Retardant Supplier

Velsicol is a world-wide supplier of flame retardant compounds to the plastics industry. Our product lines include chlorinated, brominated and phosphate ester based fire retardant chemistries. Velsicol’s flame retardant compounds can be successfully used to meet a broad number of Underwriter’s Laboratories flammability standards. Resin compounders and master batchers tend to be ideal candidates for Velsicol flame retardants.

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